Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Al Ain Mall "Bookstore"

Al Ain Mall is the biggest mall in town (at least until the Al Jimi Mall expansion is finished) but surprisingly it doesn't have a decent bookstore. Or even a permanent one. Just a few shelves around one of the escalators nearly all the few books in Arabic. So I don't pay a lot of attention to the books that are for sale there, but this display caught my attention:

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Recognize that white book on the second shelf down? How about a closer look:

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They had at least four copies of it for sale.

I'm not sure about the other books for sale. The one just to the right says "From Manhattan to Baghdad" if I'm reading it correctly, but I don't know enough Arabic to make out the others.

why whats wrong with that book ?

and please dont get me started on bookstores in alain!!! :@
Bookstores in Al-Ain? Shoo hada? :-)

When I was there to pick up "Honey Ko" I had one book and I read that in about a day. I searched far and wide for another one, alas I was not in Dubai.

I liked my stay in Al-Ain when I had my own place and toys (computer, stereo etc) but staying at another's without that stuff drove me nuts.

Hehehehe, I didn't pick up on the Mein Kumph but the book by Shrillary instead.
The one to the right actually says, "America & Saudi"

Nothing about manhattan & Iraq. :)
"America that is teaching us democrasy and Justice"

Thats the second from left, Trust u just wudnt want to know the contents. Stay with ur piece of mind, dont destroy that my consuming intelligence.
OK, I'm eight years late replying, but the book that says "America and Saudi" is on the far left, not to the right of "Mein Kampf".
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